Coloured pencil pet portrait

Coloured pet pencil portrait
Cute dog pet pencil
Pet dog portrait in pencil
Pet dog pencil portrait
Coloured pencil portrait

Coloured pencil pet portrait

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Colour pencil pet portraits

If you’re looking for a coloured pencil pet portrait then you have come to correct place. Giving art as a gift to yourself or... Read more


Colour pencil pet portraits

If you’re looking for a coloured pencil pet portrait then you have come to correct place. Giving art as a gift to yourself or someone else is not only thoughtful, but an amazing surprise. These coloured pencil portraits can be drawn from your pets photos so they are easy to order online. So if you know someone who loves their pet and want to celebrate them in perfect coloured portrait, then we really are the people for the job. Painted Paws coloured pencil pet portraits have been established and we pride ourselves on drawing amazing pencil portraits. Coloured pencil portrait is just one of many styles we offer, check out other items to see all our styles.

We offer amazing value with our portraits, prices start from just £40, we ship our pencil masterpieces for FREE on whatever size canvas or print you choose. We offer portrait canvases in sizes A4 to A1, meaning they can fit into any space small or large. They come ready to hang so no need to go get a frame.
Our print portraits also come in sizes A5 to A3, these are just high quality prints which mean they are ready to frame.

If you are lucky enough to have more than one pet that’s no problem; we can draw as many pets as you have, on one amazing colour pencil portrait. The price does increase on our portraits as there are more wonderful pets to draw, but you can get an exact quote on this page by choosing your selection before you order. We specialise in portraits of pets that are here and pets that have passed on; these portraits make the most beautiful memorial gifts ever. This simple and elegant pencil style means that it can fit within any home decor style and ensuring the portrait does not look out of place. It's incredibly moving to draw two dogs past and present together in one amazing portrait.

As these portraits are drawn in coloured pencil it's essential that we get good quality portrait style pictures. These can be taken on your phone.  If you're worried your pictures are not good enough for a pencil portrait then just send us a message on our Facebook page.  We have around the clock support which means no matter whether it's night or day, we can be there to assist you in ordering the perfect portrait.

We can't wait to start drawing your pet.  If they're big, small, a cat, dog, bird, horse or anything; we can do it. We also offer so many amazing styles that make our portraits stand out from the rest. The best way to find out about our pencil work is to order a coloured one today.

The pet portraits take on average two weeks to complete and you will be sent a coloured pencil pet portrait email preview so you can approve our wonderful pencil art at your leisure. Im sure you'll be more than happy with your portrait, but if by chance you do need a coloured pencil portrait edit, we can do that.

Your feedback is so important to me so please do get in touch once your portrait arrives as I love to read the wonderful messages on my social media pages. You can connect with Painted Paw Pet Portraits on Facebook & Instagram so make sure you search for us and give us a "Like" and a Follow. We run competitions and share some amazing behind the scenes videos to see our talented team at work. Keep checking back, as just for liking our page you may every now and again get sent special discount codes.

So what are you waiting for.  Your next coloured pencil pet portrait is just around the corner. Whatever the occasion, impress your friends and family with a Coloured Pencil Portrait.

Recent customer testimonials of Coloured Pencil Portrait
“My picture of Felix, who went missing two years ago. Lovely way to remember him. Thank you for drawing him”
‎Abby Dunne – Facebook Page - 1 pet colour pencil portrait
Coloured Pencil Cat Portrait
Finally able to post this beautiful picture you’ve done for my husband. His lovely border collie Red who sadly past away. Thank you so much he absolutely loves it.
‎Louise Rycroft – FacebookPage - 1 pet colour pencil portrait

Coloured Dog Pencil Portrait

Received my beautiful picture of our 14yr old Labrador Suzie, yesterday and it is amazing, it really captures her in her young vibrant self. Sadly we lost Suzie in September but we now have this wonderful picture to remember her forever, thank you Painted Paws for the great service and your amazing talent
Claire Mcconnell‎ - Facebook Page -1 pet colour pencil portrait

Coloured pet pencil labrador

Customer Reviews

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Amazing portrait

Brilliant portrait of my dog who sadly passed, excellent detail, looks just her. Highly recommend painted-paws not just for the excellent portrait but value for money too, All round pleasant experience 🙂


Been the “go to” place for presents for friends

Really impressed!

We are really happy with our portrait of Maggie. The resemblance was fantastic. Would highly recommend!!

Drawing of Cole

I was very impressed with the quality of the drawing, I feel it captured him completely even his eyes... I would definitely recommend painted paws to anyone who was looking to get a sentimental picture done.


I'm really pleased. The coloured pencil drawing is an excellent likeness to Scarlet the parrot.